About Us


Fenton STEM Academy is located in an urban section of East Sun Valley that consists of
mixed residential and commercial/industrial development. STEM has been in existence
as a start up public charter school since July 2015.
Since initial charter approval in 2015, Fenton STEM Academy has implemented
innovative ideas and strategies, and invested human and fiscal resources to improve the
quality and effectiveness of the instructional program. During it’s first year of operation,
STEM received an outstanding review from the Charter Schools Development Center
(“CSDC”) during an external audit as required through the Public Charter School Grant
Program (“PCSGP”). One year later, STEM received Western Association of Schools
and Colleges (“WASC”) accreditation and was awarded the After School Education and
Safety Program Grant (“ASES”). STEM has maintained a strong partnership with local
organizations such as the Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council, Sol Del Valle
Community Organization, as well as STEM related organizations such as NASA/JPL and
SpaceX. Most notably, STEM has increased student academic achievement significantly
as measured through English Learner reclassification and California Assessment of
Student Performance and Progress (“CAASPP”) standards.